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Robert Murray Ricketts, D.D.S., MS

Nascimento: 5 de Maio de 1920

Falecimento: 17 de Junho de 2003

Natural de Kokomo, Indiana U.S.A.

Specialty: Orthodontics

Education and Training:
- University of Illinois Graduate School, Chicago, Illinois, 1952
- Lt. J.G. Navy Dental Corps, 1945-47
- Indiana School of Dentistry, 1945

- William Gogswell Distinguished Service Award in Oral Surgery, 1974
- Recipient of Albert H. Ketcham Award for American Association of Orthodontist, 1975
- John Mershon Lecture, 1976
- Associated Journals of Europe Award, 1983 - Hinman Award

- Chairman of Orthodontic Section, American Dental Association, 1952
- President of Western District Dental Society, 1956 - Associate Editor of Southern California Society State Dental Association, 1958-62
- Chairman Research & Education for Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists and Southern California State Dental Association, 1963-66
- Consultant to the Cleft Palate Program at St. Johns Hospital, Veteran's Administration Hospital, Chairman, Foundation for Orthodontic research 1967-present. - Clinical Professor of Occlusion, University of Southern California School of Dentistry
- Professor of Orthodontics, Loma Linda University School of Dentistry, 1971-present.
- Visiting Clinical Professor, University of Texas, Houston, 1976-present.

Dr. Robert Ricketts has devoted his professional life to lecturing, teaching and practicing orthodontics for over 45 years. He is the cofounder of Bioprogressive therapy and has been a major force in the development of computer-aided diagnostics. He has developed a variety of orthodontic products that are used throughout the world. He has published many articles as well as Provocations and Perceptions in Cranio-Facial Orthopedics. He is an active part of the Orthodontic Education process at University of California at Los Angeles, Loma Linda University, University of Texas, University of Oklahoma and University of Southern California. The University of Illinois and Loma Linda University has set aside research Libraries in recognition of Dr. Ricketts. He is the founder of the American Institute of Bioprogressive Education, and was instrumental in establishing the Foundation for Orthodontic Research.

Lecture, Course Content:
- Practice Management, Introduction to bioprogressive therapy and Mechanics
- Anatomy, Bones, Vertebrae, Cranium Introduction to Cephalometrics
- Anatomy Mandibular Complex, Analysis Frontal/Lateral Tracing
- Anatomy Maxillary Complex, Growth & Forecast Analysis
- Physiology, Divine Proportion, Physiology Functional Environment
- Mechanics Activation Mechanism, Fixed Ricketts Formula
- Mechanics, Headgear & Quad Helix, Utility arch, Sectional Mechanics
- Occlusion and Finishing Straight Wire - Retention, TMJ in Orthodontics, Surgery
- Cephalometric analysis including treatment planning forecast (short and long term) and growth prediction - Diagnosis and treatment planning with emphasis on early treatment and interceptive orthodontics
- Bioprogressive philosophy and differences between various straight wire appliances
- Bioprogressive mechanics with the five principals 1. Extraoral therapy the utilization of headgear as orthodontic/orthopedic appliances 2. Quad helix mechanics 3. Utility arch technique 4. Segmented mechanics 5. Ricketts straight wire appliance